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          1. Vacuum hot-air stove is safer. 1. When the vacuum hot-air stove is running, the main body of the stove is always in a negative pressure state, and there is no danger of explosion, which is safer than that of the normal-pressure hot-air stove. 2. When the vacuum hot-air stove is running, the medium in the stove is basically not lost, scaling is not formed, and there is no danger of tube explosion; 3. The operation condition of the vacuum hot-air stove is stable, and no explosion is There are problems of subcooled boiling caused by poor water circulation, and there are no special cracks of cyclic stress caused by sudden cooling and sudden heating. 4. The unique one-way airtight structure can automatically form and maintain the vacuum in the furnace. It can automatically relieve pressure without overpressure and explosion. 5. There are many kinds of safety protection devices, such as over-pressure protection, ultra-low water level protection and so on. There is no danger of dry burning and over-pressure. 6. Vacuum hot blast stove has no explosion danger. It can be installed in basement, ground, floor and roof and other occasions, without supervision, and meets the safety requirements. 7. Installation and operation of hot blast stoves are not confirmed by hot blast stoves supervision and inspection departments, nor are they required to go through registration procedures for use. The annual inspection of hot blast stoves can be exempted and the workload reduced. 二、真空热水热风炉使用寿命长,热风炉本体寿命可达25年以上

          Two, the vacuum hot water hot stove has a long service life, and the life of the hot stove is more than 25 years.


          1, because the furnace maintains vacuum, no contact with air, no oxygen corrosion, long service life.


          2. No fouling in the hot stove, no explosion tube and bulging.


          3. Hot blast stove runs steadily. Compared with normal pressure stove and general pressure stove, there is no stress caused by backwater temperature difference, no cracks and so on, and the service life of the body is long.


          Three. High efficiency, energy saving and environmental protection of vacuum hot water hot stove.


          1, no fouling in hot stove, good transmission effect, low exhaust gas temperature, high heat efficiency and fuel saving.


          2. The hot blast stove is stable in operation, running at high efficiency and low in running cost.


          3. Hot blast stove body negative pressure, heat transfer (part) is not pressurized, can be installed as a pressurized hot blast stove, circulation pump head is low, low energy consumption.


          4. The heat exchanger is placed inside the hot blast stove. It has no heat loss, good heat preservation, little heat loss and high heat efficiency. It can compensate the external heat exchanger and save more than 5% energy.


          5, start fast, preheating time is short (3~5 minutes can be preheated), can reduce operating costs.


          6. Vacuum hot-blast stove adopts imported low NOX burner, fully automatic combustion control, pollution-free, low noise, clean and sanitary hot-blast stove room environment.


          Four. Vacuum hot water hot stove can be used for many purposes.


          The vacuum hot blast stove can meet the needs of heating and providing sanitary hot water without heat exchanger, and can also meet the needs of sanitary hot water at different water temperatures.


          Five. Vacuum hot water stove is highly automated and reliable.


          1. The combustion control of hot blast stove has reliable program control, multiple protection functions such as pre-blowing, gas low pressure, high pressure, ignition failure, gas leakage and so on. It works reliably.


          2, the combustion machine adopts the original imported machine, matches well with the hot blast stove, and the performance is reliable.


          3. The control system of the hot stove is controlled by microcomputer, and the operation is simple.


          4. Automatic ignition of hot blast stove, automatic thermal insulation, interlock with heating and hot water supply system.


          5. The control elements of the hot blast stove adopt the famous brand controller, the performance is reliable and stable.


          Six. Vacuum hot water hot stove occupies small area and small investment.


          1. Vacuum hot-blast stove body can not be equipped with special softening water (<1.4MW) and deoxidization water treatment equipment, which can reduce the area occupied and the cost of equipment investment.


          2. When hot water is supplied, there is no need to distribute heat exchange pipes and circulating water pumps, which reduces the occupied area and equipment investment accordingly.

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          搬家是一项大工程,在搬迁的过程中不可盲目采取一些措施。在搬家过程中有一些原则需要大家遵守:1、贵重物品,加倍精心:运用合理的技术加倍精心地搬运客户的贵重物品,如钢琴、电脑、家用电器等。2、轻拿轻放、 详细>>


          在很多人的印象中,搬家工人都着制服,带个安全帽。甚至有的搬家公司直接就穿便装,以为搬家工人的穿着和搬家工作没有太大的关系,搬家工人只要好好的进行搬家工作,不出意外就可以了。这些想法都是不对的,。事 详细>>


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